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For more information please write or call us at:

Address: Jazyková škola Polyglot, Znojemská 78, 586 01 Jihlava
Telephone: +420 567 211 201

Our office hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30–17.00, Friday 8.30–13.00.

Czech for foreigners

  • POLYGLOT offers high-standard Czech lessons in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • POLYGLOT specializes in company and individual lessons
  • intensive courses of one or more weeks available upon request
  • communicative lessons relating to everyday life
  • entertaining and comprehensive grammar study
  • all our native-speaker teachers are qualified professionals with experience in teaching Czech

Czech courses

  • only individual courses
  • for beginners and elementary students
  • beginners taught through English or German
  • textbook New Czech Step by Step (for English speakers) or Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt (for German speakers) and practise book Cvičebnice češtiny