Translation and interpretation services

Our company provides professional translation and interpretation services since 2004. We can meet your needs in any region of the Czech Republic and abroad thanks to our network of branches in regional capitals (Prague, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Brno, Ostrava and Liberec) and a wide roster of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters.

Translation services

  • Translations of general and specialized texts: promotional materials, handbooks, manuals, university theses, certificates, web pages, technical manuals and reports, project documentation, academic articles, EU documents and more
  • Translations of business, legal and court documents: business correspondence, annual reports, auditor’s and cash flow reports, contracts, powers of attorney, court rulings, expert assessments and more
  • Translations of literary texts: press releases, fiction, journalism, movie scripts, subtitles and more
  • We translate into 30+ languages
  • Multilingual translations: translations from/to multiple languages
  • Proofreading and editing of texts in Czech
  • Native-speaker proofreading of non-Czech texts
  • Court-appointed translations

Extra services

  • Short delivery times (within 48 hours depending on the length and the type of the text)
  • Express delivery with a surcharge (4hr, 8hr or 24hr delivery times)
  • Translations provided in a format required by client
  • Notarial certification of official documents

Interpretation services

  • Consecutive interpretation (section by section)
  • Simultaneous (in real time)
  • Whispering (simultaneous whispered interpretation for one delegate, eg. in a business meeting)


Telephone: +420 241 740 566, +420 773 652 013