Translation prices

The total price of translation is based on these factors:

  • Target language(s)
  • Delivery time
  • Proofreading requests
  • Court certification
  • Total order size

Standard translation prices start at 290 CZK per “standard page” (1 800 characters) and at 340 CZK per standard page for specialized translations. We offer a 10 CZK/standard page discount for bulk orders of 100 standard pages or more.

Delivery time Surcharge
Standard – two or more business days 0 %
Express – 24hr 30 %
Express – 8hr 50 %
Express – 4hr 100 %






Frequent clients can set up a client account with us. This way you can be billed monthly. A detailed overview of all orders is a part of each invoice.

Interpretation prices

The total price of interpretation is based on these factors:

  • Type of interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous)
  • Target language(s)
  • Provided equipment
  • Court-certified interpretation
  • Number of interpreters
  • Location and duration of interpretation

The minimum duration of an interpretation comission is 1 hour, prices start at 450 CZK/hr. We also offer discounted half-day, day or multiple-day rates.

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