Job opportunity – English teachersbrno - tým lektorů

Polyglot Brno is looking for native English teachers to teach both company and in-house courses. We’d like you to be passionate about language, motivated and eager to improve.
We provide our own teacher training programme, offer a lot of courses to choose from and will give you excellent admin support.

If you are interested in teaching with us, please send your CV to Candidates are expected to start this September.

Contact information:
Address: Zvonařka 408/16, 617 00 Brno-střed
Mobil: +420 777 592 584, +420 777 712 765

Our office hours: Monday to Thursday 8.00–18.00, Friday 8.00–12.00.

Czech for foreigners

  • POLYGLOT offers high-standard Czech lessons in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • POLYGLOT specializes in company and individual lessons
  • intensive courses of one or more weeks available upon request
  • communicative lessons relating to everyday life
  • entertaining and comprehensive grammar study
  • all our native-speaker teachers are qualified professionals with experience in teaching Czech

Individual Czech courses

  • 1 × 90 minutes per week
  • lessons taught through English or German
  • textbook New Czech Step by Step (for English speakers) or Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt (for German speakers) and practise book Cvičebnice češtiny